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Intermediate Grammar

İngilizce Orta Düzey Gramer

Present Tenses for the Future (I am doing / I do)
Future Tense (Will and Shall)
Going to Future Tense (I am going to swim)
Will or Going To (Karşılaştırma)
Countable / Uncountable (Sayılabilen ve Sayılamayan İsimler)
Some / Any (Biraz / Hiç)
Indefinite Prononouns (Somebody, Anybody, Nobody)
Some of, Any of, None of ...
A lot, much, many, a little, a few
Both, either, neither
Present Perfect Tense (I have gone)
Present Perfect Tense Time Expressions (Since, for, just...)
Present Perfect Continuous Tense (I have been going)
Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous (I have gone or I have been going)
When and How Long
Present Perfect or Simple Past (I have gone or I went)
Past Perfect Tense (I had gone)
Simple Past Tense / Past Perfect Tense (I went / I had gone)
Past Perfect Continuous Tense (I had been going)
Past Perfect Continuous and Past Continuous Tense (I had been going / I was going)
Past Perfect Continuous and Past Perfect Tense (I had been going and I had gone)
Future Continuous Tense (I will be going)
Future Perfect Tense (I will have gone)
Future Perfect Continuous Tense
Tag Questions (Eklenti Soruları)
Reply Questions (Karşılık Verme)
Modals (Can / Could / Be Able To)
Modals (Could do and Could Have Done)
Modals (Must and Can't)
Modals (May and Might)
Modals (Must and Have To)
Modals (Should / Ought to)
Modals (Tüm Liste)
Had Better / It's Time
In Case / As If (...ır diye / sanki)
Prefer / Would Rather (Tercih etmek)
Permission (İzin Alma / Verme)
Used To / Get Used To / Would (Past Habits)
too / either / neither / so
Prepositions (İlgeçler)