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Boşluk Doldurma Quiz


Cümlelerde verilen boşlukları "LET - MAKE - HAVE - GET" fiillerinin uygun şeklini getirerek doldurunuz.
1 Marcus me drive his new BMW. I couldn't believe how quickly it picked up speed.
2 How did you the doctor to make a house call? I haven't heard of a doctor actually going to a patient's house in years.
3 My boss me get him coffee, pick up his dry cleaning and buy presents for his wife. He can't do anything by himself!
4 Tommy didn't want to go to his cousin's birthday party, but his mom him go.
5 I can't believe the zoo keeper you feed the snake. That was so cool!
6 The contract was very detailed, and it was essential that the wording be absolutely correct. Therefore, I the translator recheck his work several times to make sure there would be no misunderstandings.
7 Cheryl didn't want to wash her car, so with a little smooth talk she her boyfriend to wash it for her.
8 If you ask me nicely, I'll you lick the bowl after I make the cookies.
9 Jack found a fly floating in his coffee, so he the waiter bring him a new cup.
10 The news coverage of the recent tornado was incredibly moving. The interview with the little boy who lost his family in the tragedy everyone cry.