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Boşluk Doldurma Quiz


Aşağıdaki cümlelerde boş bırakılan yerleri, parantez içinde verilen fiillerle GERUND veya INFINITIVE yapısına uygun olarak doldurunuz.
1 I don't know why she resigned. She seemed very happy (BE)
2 I'm tired of television every evening (WATCH)
3 Her doctor advised her a specialist (SEE)
4 I?ll help you, I'm sure you aren't strong enough it on your own (LIFT)
5 He spends all his time comics (READ)
6 My parents are very strict. They wouldn't let me out late in the evenings (STAY)
7 A kettle is used for water (BOIL)
8 He's working too hard. He's too tired anything when he gets home (DO)
9 The robber forced the manager the safe (OPEN)
10 I hope my brother in Australia next year (VISIT)