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Boşluk Doldurma Quiz


Aşağıdaki cümlelerde boş bırakılan yerleri, parantez içinde verilen fiillerle GERUND veya INFINITIVE yapısına uygun olarak doldurunuz.
1 Put that cigarette out!. You are not allowed in here SMOKE)
2 It's hot in here. Would you mind the window? (OPEN)
3 He found the work difficult but he managed the examination (PASS)
4 I never read Shakespeare now because they made me it at school (STUDY)
5 She always travels by train or by boat because she is afraid of (FLY)
6 ?Let's go out tonight?. ?All right, where do you want ?? (GO)
7 This is a very beautiful village but there's nowhere in the evening (GO)
8 You are overweight. You ought more exercise (TAKE)
9 When I first visited Britain I couldn't get used to on the left (DRIVE)
10 There's a lot of traffic. We'd better not the road here (CROSS)