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Boşluk Doldurma Quiz


Cümlelerde bırakılan boşlukları, aşağıda verilen kelimelerle uygun şekilde doldurunuz.

when, while, until, since, after, before, as soon as, as or by the time
1 we got to the airport, the plane had taken off.
2 She burned her fingers she was cooking dinner.
3 Please, mail the documents you have typed them.
4 Patrick returned to Ireland he had been away for two years.
5 You can stay at the play ground it becomes dark.
6 he opened the package, the bomb exploded.
7 I've known him he was a little boy.
8 you leave the house, make sure you've closed all the windows.
9 What did you do you found the briefcase?
10 the fire broke out , the alarm started ringing.