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Boşluk Doldurma Quiz


Aşağıdaki cümleleri "who - which - whose" ile doldurunuz. Birşey gelmeyebilecek olan cümleler için ise - (tire) koyunuz.
1 All the bags are bigger than this size can't go on this plane
2 It was Manuel told us that the excursion had been cancelled
3 Have you got any friend parents have a boat he can use ?
4 Did you read the manual I told you, before using the computer ?
5 The jungle can be exciting, but there are plenty of parasites can cause you serious disease.
6 Don't leave without finshing the sandwich I left for you on the table.
7 Children living conditions are not good, are sometimes helped by institutions.
8 That black thing covers the rocks was spilt by an oil carrier and has seriously damaged the coast.
9 Tell me the names of those tried to hurt you and I'll try and find them.
10 That is not the dress we liked best the first time we came here