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Boşluk Doldurma Quiz


Aşağıdaki cümlelerde verilen boşlukları "who - which - whose" ile uygun şekilde doldurunuz.
1 The woman is reading a book is a friend of mine.
2 John, father is a doctor, wants to be a doctor too.
3 the book is on the table is not for sale.
4 My sister, husband is inside the car, can't drive.
5 He's the boy delivers the newspaper on Sundays.
6 My friend Paul lives in London, always takes the bus to go to work.
7 The Indian restaurant is in Green street is very expensive.
8 Yes, this restaurant is expensive, but the Chef, is a native Indian, is a marvellous cook.
9 Who is this man wife is looking so sad ?
10 Do you see the dog, is over there?