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Boşluk Doldurma Quiz


Cümlelerde verilen boşlukları aşağıdaki Relative Clauses kelimeleri ile doldurunuz.

who - which - whose
1 I talked to the girl car had broken down in front of the shop.
2 Mr Richards, is a taxi driver, lives on the corner.
3 We often visit our aunt in Norwich is in East Anglia.
4 This is the girl comes from Spain.
5 That's Peter, the boy has just arrived at the airport.
6 Thank you very much for your e-mail was very interesting.
7 The man, father is a professor, forgot his umbrella.
8 The children, shouted in the street, are not from our school.
9 The car, driver is a young man, is from Ireland.
10 What did you do with the money your mother lent you?