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Boşluk Doldurma Quiz


Cümlelerde verilen boşlukları aşağıdaki Relative Clauses kelimeleri ile doldurunuz.

which - who - that - where - what - why - whose - whom
1 The books, I'd ordered over the internet, took nearly three weeks to arrive.
2 The books I'd ordered from a bookshop arrived the following week.
3 My parents, were born in the north of England, moved to London to find work.
4 The man lives upstairs is always playing music when I'm trying to get to sleep.
5 The building I live in was built in the 1920s.
6 The building I live was built in the 1920s.
7 The car's making a funny noise again, means we'll have to get someone to look at it.
8 The employee to you refer is no longer working for this company.
9 Do you remember the name of the man car you crashed into?
10 Have you any idea they were arguing about?
11 Have you any idea they were arguing?
12 The hotel we stayed was very good for the price.